High School History

History was always my favorite class in high school mainly because I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul; and since I could recall, I have always felt a strong connection to England. My favorite bands were English, I grew up with the Spice Girls, my favorite accents were English and it was the only language I could speak until the age of 16. So, when my 9th grade history teacher invited my class to join him on a trip to Dublin, the Welsh countryside and ENGLAND….well, you know.

So I prepared for that trip for over a year. It was to be the first of many international trips in my young life. I anticipated this good thing for what felt like a lifetime but I did so patiently. At the time, I was a lost teenager and searching for my purpose. Naively, I thought that England had everything I could ever imagine: my future home, my future husband, my future fashion sense.

I distinctly remember the day our bus drove from the Western coast of Wales to London. It was the last leg of our trip and I made sure that everyone on that dang bus knew my obsession with all things England (except football, I just can’t sport, in any country, ever.) I cried at the first London street sign, black taxi cab and especially when I saw the Big Ben tower and Parliament.


However, it wasn’t until I departed from my first London experience that I recognized just what London had given me. Those tears were not because it didn’t give me that London home, English husband or fashion sense (well, not entirely). The trip not only taught me how to patiently wait with an urgency to love; it gave me hope. It was one of the first major events in my life in which I looked forward to a joy that God had planted in my heart at a very young age. It was my first dream come true. God’s planting of that seed of hope in my heart taught me to dare to dream a little bigger. So I still do.

Mary Colleen of Pennsylvania | MC is one of the creators of Traveling saints. When she isn’t at work, MC is playing her uke, tweeting something sassy and dancing like a fool…simultaneously.


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