Learning the Journey

Many thoughts flooded my mind when I first thought of how I have felt God’s hand in my journey to Heaven: countless retreats, the Mass, service activities and the like. While those are all good things, I knew there was something more. So I thought a little harder about when I have truly felt God working with me through a journey and it hit me: teaching. Now bear with me, this is not a lecture…this is going to make sense.

I remember when I was younger and asking myself: Who would want to be a teacher? Not me! Never! Anything other than a teacher! Well, this past December I graduated with my education degree and teaching certification and could not be any happier or more pleased with this decision I made four years ago. But, even leading up to this very moment, I had my doubts.


I found myself praying night after night asking God and at times our Blessed Mother Mary to help me through this journey because I was worried that I had picked the wrong path for myself and worried that God was somehow going to reject my decision. I asked for guidance and a sign as I went through my semesters that I was where I was supposed to be. The signs were never as obvious as I had hoped for but they were enough: little things the students would say or something about what I did well in my lesson that my supervisor pointed out. Those were little things I sometimes overlooked in the moment but cherished after.

There was comfort in knowing that I had someone to turn to who would not make me feel bad or judge me for having those doubtful thoughts, because unlike many of my friends who had never dreamed of ever being anything else, I needed a constant and strong foundation. God was there helping me along and guiding me to my future, to this present moment. Looking back now, I have no clue what else I would have done with my life if I didn’t become a teacher. I haven’t stopped dreaming about this profession since it all clicked that I was where God had intended me to be. And I know I’ll have those days still when I question myself but I know I’m not alone on this journey and I will always have God as my rock.

Angela DiPasquale| Better known as Miss Angela to my students because there’s no way they could say DiPasquale! I am a Head Start Teacher in Norristown and a 2015 graduate from Millersville University.

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